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Bel Azur

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Conference room
The ideal place to organize your professional events
Salle de conférence Cotonou
57000 FCFA /day
Not rated 0 Review
45 3 1 69 m2
Salle de conférence Grand-Popo (Le plateau)
80000 FCFA /day
Not rated 0 Review
Salle de conférence Grand-Popo (Les collines)
70000 FCFA /day
Not rated 0 Review
Grande salle de conférence Grand-Popo
90000 FCFA /day
Not rated 0 Review
300 3 18 228 m2
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Most popular destinations
67000 FCFA 65500 FCFA
57000 FCFA 55000 FCFA
31000 FCFA 29000 FCFA

Opening ceremony of the new Hotel Bel Azur site in Cotonou

Under the patronage of his Excellency, Mr. President Mayor, Eugène LARCHER of the...

Pan-fried sea bream with vegetable sauce and Piron white

Welcome to the Bel Azur Hotel, where our passion for cooking will provide you with an...

Anniversaire de 18ème année de Bel Azur Hotel de Cotonou

C'est un honneur de vous accueillir ici aujourd'hui pour célébrer...
Classical music event
We are happy to welcome you for an evening of refined music
Bienvenue à l'événement de musique classique organisé par l'Hôtel Bel Azur de Grand-Popo
Not rated 0 Review
Start Time: 07:30
59000 FCFA 53500 FCFA